User Interface & Experience Design

Mnassa is a platform in Saudi Arabia for communities of like-minded individuals to share interest and hobbies. Users can create a community, share needs, create online/offline activities and network with people of the same interest around them.

Project Background

Mnassa had a retention rate of below 5% so 95% of new users who sign up for the app, only make use of it for the first week after signing. As a result, the app was not connecting people as it should. Mnassa decided to add new features that can retain users' attention span and get them coming back to use the app. 


After researching and studying user engagement on the platform, we found out:

  • There was no engaging feature for users to keep them coming back. 
  • On visiting a community, more emphasis was placed on a user's profile than the community post, which is the crucial feature for driving engagement. 
  • The sign-up process on the app took between five to ten minutes which was too long. 


Research, create and improve features that would retain users attention to keep them on the Mnassa app and also make sure that at least 80% of users use the platform every day. 

Brand Asset

Brand Colors

Brand Typography





To improve engagement we had to design a new engagement feature which was called chat. Like the name implies it was a feature that was designed to foster communication between community members. On visiting a community, this feature was made the most accessible to users for interaction. 

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