User Interface & Experience Design

Gokada is a ride-hailing service company that provides commuters in Lagos access to hail motorcycles and take safe and affordable rides to any part of Lagos. To better serve their users, Gokada felt the need to add more services to their current one. These services include delivery, mobile wallet, food ordering, bill payment and a few more.

My Task

To build all these new services (delivery, mobile wallet, food ordering, bill payment) into one app. Making it convenient for users to access them without having to shuffle through different apps. We needed to design an app that could easily scale at the point of introducing new services to the market.

Brand Assets

Brand Colors

Brand Typography




Designed App Icons

Service Icons


To understand and test our assumptions we designed a skeletal structure of the proposed solution

High-Fidelity Design

Onboarding & Authentication

The authentication was built to get a user onboard within two minutes. The process took just two- five minutes from sign up to ordering a service


To deliver a seamless user experience, it was essential to create a dashboard that serves as a gateway to all the services. The dashboard was designed to showcase different services and allow users identify them easily. It was also designed to accommodate new services at any point in time making it easy for Gokada to scale.

We added promotions to the dashboard to help the marketing team showcase promo offers when user visit to use the app. We believed this would drive sales within the app .

Wallet Service

Wallet User Flow

User Interface

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