G-Pilot Recruitment Platform

User Interface & Experience Design

Gokada is a ride-hailing service company that provides commuters access to hail motorcycles and take safe and affordable rides to any part of Lagos. To operate successfully, Gokada needed efficient pilots that will be available to customers at all times. However, recruiting pilots was a challenge that took a long period. To improve on this and successfully streamline and onboard new pilots, Gokada saw the need for an effective recruitment system that manages hiring and onboarding processes.

Project Background

Gokada 2.0 was an initiative to improve the efficiency of the services Gokada offered. This includes new bikes, safety protocols, gears and an improved pilot assessment service level and, as a result, Gokada let go of over 50% of its pilot leading to a shortage in supply.


Gokada was 50% short of G-Pilots due to the improved assessment standard, and onboarding new pilots took two weeks because it was done manually. This was a challenge for the business and to get back on track, Gokada needed to hire new efficient pilots fast and streamline the G-Pilot recruitment process.


To find an efficient way to recruit new pilots fast and seamlessly, we needed to understand the current process and why it took as long as two weeks. We found out that:

  • To onboard new pilots, operations had to check for eligibility. At the time this process was done physically which meant recruitment officers had to schedule a meeting with prospective candidates and interview them one after the other. This wasted a lot of time and we figured, this process could be done remotely by prospective candidates.

Eligible candidates go through training and tests before being recruited. The training and test are in two phases, the theoretical and the practical part. The theoretical training involves learning educational resources as regards safety, customer service and service level requirement and passing the set test, to move to the next phase. The practical training involved candidates test riding the G-bike. We realized that the majority of the theoretical training can also be done remotely with already available infrastructures.


Gokada partnered with different cyber centres across Lagos which served as recruitment centres for pilots. These centres were tasked with:

  • Validating candidates eligibility.
  • Scheduling training and tests.
  • Providing an android tablet with installed Gokada’s pilot assessment, training and test application.

Prospective candidates were mandated to take an eligibility test via a USSD code. To validate their eligibility, they are required to take another test at designated recruitment centres. These tests include theoretical training and practical. To achieve our objective of a successful, fast and convenient recruitment process, we designed the following:

  • An android mobile application for the eligibility assessment process. 
  • An android application for training resources and theoretical tests.

Brand Assets

Brand Colors

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High-Fidelity Design

Eligibility Assessment Platform

To understand and test our assumptions we designed a skeletal structure of the proposed Solution

Training and Test Platform

This was designed to give pilot access to learning materials designed to educate them about their responsibilities, service level requirement and how to attend to Gokada customers. Prospective candidates can also take the required test set by the Gokada team on the same platform. These tests are set from the learning materials with the sole aim of evaluating their understanding about what is required to be a G-Pilot.

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