Swift Plus is an HMO Management software designed

to improve the performance and efficiency between

the HMO, Hospital and Patients.


  • Medical Professionals
  • Nigerian Private Sector Employees
  • Nigerian Middle Class

The Need

The HMO Management Software solves a major problem between the Hospitals, HMO and Patients. Problems like:

  1. Keeping track of your patients appointments  Automates the verification and vetting of claims submitted by the health care providers, using agreed tariff.
  2.  Manage all your Inpatients and Outpatients
  3. Use in-built patient workflows like check-ins, automated billing, to make day-to-day operations seamless
  4.  Receive notifications in your inbox and communicate in a chat box with your enrollees and other members of your team.
  5.  Handle supplies from your vendors through the purchase module

Team and Role

My team was a core team of 3 designers, with support from internal developers. I coordinated the design process including: information architecture, user task flows, interaction, visual, product, and prototyping.

The Design Process(Sketch, Wirframes and Design)

In order to identify and design the needs , we had to identify its users and functions. We conducted a research within Swift HMO. We analyzed employees job descriptions and reports, hospital and clinic process. We found the most ineffiecient process was claims vetting between the HMO and Hospital, we were able to reduce time spent between Hopital sending cliams to HMO and it verification by the HMO enhancing claims vetting.

Iteration and Sketch

User Interface Design

The objective of the interface was to be direct, simple and easy to navigate. we designed a dashboard for each user which displays graphs, summarized report and quick button to frequently used functions.


For easy interaction and navigation with the software, the side bar and top navigation bar consists of all possible functions the user might need.